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Script Supervisor (108)

The course begins with an overview of the Hollywood and Independent Film Production Model and Organizational Chart and then moves into an exploration of the job of the Script Supervisor. This crewmember works side by side with the Director during the filming of a Film or Television project. The performance of the Script Supervisor is one of the most crucial jobs on a film set, and can save or cost a production ten’s of thousands of dollars.

The core responsibility of the Script Supervisor is to keep track of continuity during each shot and each scene, making sure the camera positions, actor’s words and actions, and the position of key props and movements are consistent shot to shot within a scene. If they are not consistent, a sequence will not “cut” in the edit room, and may need to be re-shot. A Script Supervisor also keeps notes during every single scene, notating what lines have been read, what coverage has been shot, and which “takes” the Director feels are the best. The notes generated by the Script Supervisor forms the “roadmap” for the editor to begin his assembly edit of the project.

Students will learn the proper format in which to make notes and keep track of continuity as well as how to observe and evaluate continuity in a hands-on environment as scenes are staged and performed, and a camera moved from shot to shot. Basic rules of camera and eye-line direction, the “180 degree rule”, and basic concepts of “shoot to edit” will be mastered. Basic lighting, shooting, and performance elements will be discussed.

On our 8-hour “lab day”, an entire shoot day will be staged. Each student will execute the tasks of a Script Supervisor, including wrapping their days’ notes and formatting for submission to the editor with the dailies. Critiquing and refining their techniques will give students confidence in their ability to handle the basic duties of a Script Supervisor.

Upon successfully completing this course, each student will be offered an internship in the film, television, commercial production, post-production or a related service industry. These internships will vary depending on the interests of the student, and the availability of projects, but will allow students to gain valuable experience and further focus their efforts towards a career as a Script Supervisor.

The Script Supervision class is taught in 40 hours, in a two week period, with classes held 5:30 pm -9:30 pm, Monday through Thursday, with an 8-hour class on Saturday. This class will be taught at FIT Film Industry Training’s educational/studio facility.



01 A thorough working knowledge of the script notes and continuity logs that comprise professional practice for a Script Supervisor.

02 An understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Script Supervisor.

03 A basic understanding of the “rules” of eye line, shooting for edit, and continuity of performance, lighting, and camera movement.

04 An understanding of how hiring is done on a film, including building a specific resume for film work, networking for the film business, and how to make contact with films when they come to town.

05 The ability to present themselves to working Production Managers as entry-level crew members with special skills, interest and experience in Script Supervision.

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